Where Does my Eye Go

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It has been some time since I added to my blogs. Much has happened with several exhibitions in England, travels to our home in White Rock Canada and travels to the west coast of Canada.

Now I can get back to recording some of the landscapes I have seen. The west coast will be in the next blog. This blog is of a wee painting only 3 by 5 inches for a fundraiser for the Brighton Little Theatre. I had Facebook  posted the little sketch of the silhouette of trees on the windy South downs a few days ago but after it was sealed ready to be mailed back to England, I thought about the design of the windswept trees and was not happy with where it took my eye.

If you look at pieces of art, there is almost always a path the artist has taken you on with various lines in the piece. Well my little piece had your eyes zooming off toward Eastbourne.I opened the envelope and proceeded to add a cloud in the sky to redirect your gaze. The foreground was also reflected in these colours as well.

I hope that your eye will come back to those bent windswept trees.

Now I just need to reseal that envelope and mail it off to Jane in Hove.

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