the Lively Ladies are called in to celebrate a party with close friends. When the birthday cake was rolled out some of the candles unfortunately caught fire. Quick to the rescue was our lady who unfortunately chose to put out … Continued


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Poppies are a favorite flower in the spring and summer growing along the roads and in fields. They are a vibrant and tenacious flower, never giving up and growing where there is soil and sun. this acrylic painting is on … Continued


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Spring is when these lovely little flowers cover the ground throughout the world. They welcome the warmer weather and sunny days. I enjoyed producing mixed media textile pieces. In the prairies of Alberta, the wild crocus is soft and very … Continued

South Delta Artists Guild

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I have recently joined the South Delta Artists Guild in BC, Canada. The Guild  has a permanent gallery 1710 located at 1710, 56th Street Tsawwassen in a lovely Long House.I will have art in the gallery for the month of … Continued

Canadian Wildlife

    Back by Popular demand, the lively ladies have decided to go on vacation to explore wildlife. At least one of them has the right idea with wildlife. They can’t wait for a sumptuous dinner to be served and … Continued

Odd One Out

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This painting of apples was inspired by fruit on a tray in the lobby of a Prauge hotel.  They did not have the red one. I thought that it needed some energy and colour to it, thus the little red … Continued

Into 2022

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Happy New Year and all the best  into  2022. Today I enjoyed working in my studio for the first time in many days, it was a fine start to the new year. May your 2022 be filled with happiness and … Continued

Painted Sun Rise

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This is a textile and painted piece which was stitched. The inspiration was an amazing sunrise in western Canada captured by my sister Faye. It was hard to believe that the sky’s could produce such colors. This piece started out … Continued

Sexy Locks

SexyThe Lively Ladies are getting ready for Christmas celebrations by a visit to their trusty hair designer, Ricky. Unfortunately while he wasn’t looking one lady got carried away with the high lighting color!

Lively Ladies failed Apprenticeship?

Well the ladies decided to become students again and signed up for a local  apprenticeship program in renovation construction. They have attacked the project with much energy and glee but seem to have missed the classes on how to paint … Continued

Forest Sunrise

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This oil painting was painted on a 16 by 20” canvas. I Changed the position of the sun to bring the focal point more in view. In studying a book by hyda artist and author, Bill Reid, it gave me … Continued


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A mother deer and her fawn are hidden in this undergrowth. I love the lost and found edges with these animals. Hidden 24 by 28 inches.framed oil on board £240 Status; available location; will be exhibited at the Dupont Art exhibition, … Continued

First Snow

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I  completed this oil painting a couple of years ago but it hadn’t sold in the exhibition. As I liked the colors for a particular room of mine,  I took it home. We are in the midst of some home … Continued

Paddle Boat Rentals

With summer holidayers  taking to the water, our Lively Ladies have decided to join the young crowd and rent a paddle boat. They should have asked for lessons as paddling in opposite directions will just have them going in circles!

Dawn Chorus

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This 12 by 16″ oil painting started out with just a colourful sunrise. Hearing the dawn chorus early every morning, I decided to add the chorus of birds to the sunrise. It is being exhibited at the Brighton and Hove … Continued


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Living in Canada as well as UK, I am very aware of the devastation that climate change is having on the environment. From uncontrolled wildfires to extensive flooding and receding glaciers, I wanted to show my concern in some of … Continued

Starting Line

our #livelyladies have been enjoying exploring new activities this summer. they have decided to buy electric scooters so they can be in with the in crowd and also go fast without all that effort. They have signed up for a … Continued

Potting Shed

Now that summer is here, our #livelyladies are embarking on a new green adventure. They have secured and are  clearing out a new allotment. Of course it would be the  little dog Blossum that dug up an unexpected treasure! I’m … Continued

Lavender and Sunflowers in Tuscany

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This painting is part of a series of Tuscany inspired scenes. I love the hill sides of olive trees and lavender fields. The lavender fields paint hillsides in all directions with an occasional colourful cottage tucked away in the valleys. … Continued

Get Well Soon

While rock climbing, one of the @livelyladies was injured and had to be taken to the hospital by a handsome medic. Nothing could stop her best friend from visiting her! #iPadpaintings, #livelyladies, #judyalexander47,@JudyAAlexander,


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This acrylic painting displays the reflections of natures colour parade. The lupins were scattered throughout the meadow along with a mix of white and yellow flowers. It is painted on a deep canvas measuring 12 by 16 inches. £198.00 plus … Continued

Monet’s Garden

These iPad drawings done during the pandemic were going to wind down, but we hear of third and even forth waves of the darn virus. Although my regular painting continues in my studio, nothing like these two scallywags can make … Continued

Lively Model Art Classes

The lively ladies deiced to take up art in their spare time. They were not aware what live model meant. They urged their doggy to be a model, Well at least one of the ladies became distracted and was apparently … Continued

At Full Moon

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This little sparrow was captured in moon light. It was printed on black silk with discharge paste which I love using. It can give different colours depending on the materials used. The sparrow showed some lovely textile reflections of colour. … Continued

19th Hole

Our #livelyladies are really trying to follow the rules with this virus lockdown and discovered that golf courses were open. They just need to learn some of the rules on playing etiquette. They know all about the 19th hole!

No Nude Bathing

Our lively Ladies have decided to bring in the new year with a little sea side swim. Never ones for following orders, they chose a nice little beach away from the crowds in Brighton. I hope that you enjoy this … Continued

Brightons Got Talent

Our Lively Ladies are not worried about restrictions this New Year’s Eve. They are singing the night away on this iPad painting. We hope that you are better behaved than they are and that you have a healthy and happy … Continued

Seasons Greetings One and All

After the crazy year of 2020 with the world battling the virus, I hope that 2021 will bring new hope with the numerous treatments becoming available to help us back to a more normal life. I send the warmest wishes … Continued

Shopping Fatigue

Although this #livelyladies iPad painting is titled #Brighton, at this time of year it is more appropriate to view it as shopping fatique with the holiday season in full swing. They seem to be having difficulty in keeping their footing … Continued

Downhill Racers

Oh dear, I’m not sure if our adventurist two Lively Ladies  realise that this is a black diamond very senior run in the middle of a down hill race. I think that Blossom, their dog, is the only one worried.

Tuscany a Winner

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I am delighted that my little textile piece called Tuscany was selected today as the runner up on the Brighton and Hove Arts Council on line exhibition. Apparently a bottle of Prosecco is coming my way as well. I am … Continued

Easy Riders

These two ladies were developed during the virus lockdown of 2020 as iPad paintings. With everything so dour and stressful, I needed my art to venture into a sideline of fun and frolics that two uninhibited ladies could find themselves … Continued

South Downs

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I loved this view of the South Downs from Tegnet hill. The undulating hills and curves are captivating. it makes me wonder what ancient civilisation has a hand in shaping them along with nature. This piece is going into the … Continued

Lively Ladies Series iPad Drawings

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These two ladies were developed during the virus lockdown of 2020. With everything so dour and stressful, I needed my art to venture into a sideline of fun and frolics that two uninhibited ladies could find themselves in. These are … Continued

Magic Forest

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The Autumn time is a golden one with lots of plants pouring their fruits and seeds amid the forest. I love walking though crisp leaves and enjoying the fresh smells. This time of year inspired this mixed media oil painting … Continued

Down a Country Lane

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In this oil painting I tried to show the pleasure of a days walk in  country lanes. It was painted in Norfolk but could be anywhere where such pleasure can be found. it is being displayed on the Brighton and … Continued


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This oil painting was inspired when I was in a forested place in north Norfolk where I was painting Plein air. Everything was so still and soft which is the feeling I wish to impart with it. It is 24”by … Continued

Cooling Off

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This 12 by 16 inch oil painting was inspired by our local birds that enjoy the new fountain we have in our garden. There have been up to 4 birds in it at one time which just left a white … Continued

Bumblebee Cottage

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During several months of lockdown due to this virus, my husband and I have been busy completing the building of my small auxiliary studio made for my office and storage. it is located in our back garden.  He did the … Continued

Pot of Tulips

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I was given this lovely bouquet of tulips for mothers day. I was entranced with the many colours and the change in shapes as they aged. I painted it in oil on a 12 by 16 inch deep canvas. sold … Continued

Where to find Inspiration during this Lockdown

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At present many of us are in the throws of this virus problem and the lockdown that has followed. it is a tough time for everyone with the isolation and restrictions in travel and seeing family. As an artist, I … Continued


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This lovely climbing flower shares it’s space with a yellow climbing rose on the front of my studio. The combination of the two colours gives me a buzz. It inspires one to paint this beauty as it did with this … Continued

The Old Shed

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I had the opportunity to do some plein air painting at the Cheakamus Conference Centre in Brachendale, BC. It is located close to Vancouver, BC  and is surrounded by the coastal range of mountains and forests. They are a wonderful … Continued

A Secret Place

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This Bubbling Brook canvas painting reminds me of secret little spots in the valleys of both the UK and Canada . It is painted with acrylic on canvas. . I love the old world feel about this painting. It is … Continued

After the Fires – Regeneration

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This watercolour and mixed media piece was inspired by the terrible fires in Australia. It is being entered for jurying with the Royal Academy of Art in London which is addressing climate change.

Walkies in the Snow

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This art work started with a background of a fall orange coloured scene which I added a mixed media of marble dust and cold wax with acrylic to give the feeling of distance. The large trees in the front were … Continued

The Magic of London Christmas Lights

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Having never seen the famous Christmas lights of London, we decided to extend our day there to include them. Oh My! What a treat. After have a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts Upon leaving the RAA, we looked … Continued

Lucian Freud

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  Recently I visited the Royal Academy of Art in London, UK to view the Lucian Freud portrait exhibition. Lucian was born in Germany but moved to London England where he lived most of his life. he died in July, … Continued


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This painting was layered for texture with acrylic mediums It was inspired by the many birds living in our south downs and back garden in Brighton Acrylic on canvas 12″ by 16″ Status; Sold      


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This acrylic collage  mixed media piece was inspired by the beautiful country of rolling hills and farmers taking in their harvest. The Collage addes lovely texture to this atmospheric piece. mixed media 30 by 40 inches framed. £600. Staus; available location; … Continued

First Snow

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This commissioned  painting was completed recently. The autumn colors on the trees amidst the snow gives it the title First Snow, oil on canvas; 30cm by 40 cm . Status;sold.

Spring Time at my. Studio

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The colourful group of tulips in our back garden were irresistible and I had to paint them. My art studio is in the background. It is acrylic on canvas. 12″ by 14″   sold

Winter Sun Reflections

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This atmospheric piece was inspired by the sun setting though the local forrest.  Acrylic painting on canvas 16 inches by 24 inches  £390.00. Status; Available Location; Artists studio, UK

Autumn Harvest

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  the foothills of Alberta was where I viewed this. The farmers had just taken off their crops and the Rocky mountains already had a dusting of snow. It is a mixed media piece with torn painted  pieces of paper … Continued

Winter wanderings

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Back in my native Canada, we can occasionally get heavy snowfalls in the Vancouver area. I have imagined a walk through a snowy landscape with my grand daughter. 18″ by 20″ acrylic on canvas £320.00 Status; available location; Artists studio … Continued

English Robins

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Wee Robin i love the feisty little English robins which are so different to the North American ones. I have painted three different paintings of them which 10 inches by 12 inches acrylic  on canvas £120.00 Status; Available location; Artists … Continued

Meadow Flowers

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I love banks of flowers in the meadows and gardens. The technique is quite loose and impressionistic, showing much of the texture from the collages incorporated in it. 12″ by 36″ Acrylic on canvas £440.00 Status; available location; Artist Studio, … Continued

In Search of Pastures New

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   All living things are hardwired into continuing their species. The journey to do this it takes many forms. The humble dandelion enjoys a full blossom in spring which turns into  a bundle of seed heads which float on the … Continued


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I recently returned from a 15 day tour of China  with my sisters and brother in laws. My expectations were that I would be going to a polluted country that I knew very little about. I left with the same … Continued

Into The Breeze

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I’ve enjoyed my windswept series of flowers. Many include textiles or other mediums to enhance the texture of the pieces. With this piece, I can picture a flower boarder of pink tulips in a strong wind blowing bits of flowers … Continued


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Sold I have enjoyed making this mixed media textile piece. It is painted on paper, bonded to canvas and then hand and machine stitched. The gold and silver overlays were added at the last minute as well. Mixed media 18″ … Continued


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In the past, I did a series of textile art pieces with rather unusual faces. Almost all of them are sold but one.  I have always loved Gramps which has never been shown in the past. I found it hidden … Continued

Most Beautiful Artistic TOILETS Ever by Hundertwasser!

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On our recent tour of the south sea islands and countries,  we were driving around the gorgeous north island of New Zealand when I saw a sign for Hundertwasser Toilets. I had heard something about this but couldn’t believe that … Continued

Totem poles and Carvings of the Pacific South

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  After returning from a long cruise and road tour  of the Pacific Islands including Australia and New Zealand, I was surprised at the similarity of carvings done in the various cultures. I am familiar with our first nations and … Continued

Amazing lines in Nature

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  My husband and I are presently enjoying a cruise through some of the South Pacific Islands enroute to Australia and NewZealand. We took a tour through jungles on the big Island of Hawaii and today was the US Samoan … Continued

Textile into Paint

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Recently I offered a long time friend a piece of my art as thanks for being so supportive over the years. She chose a textile piece called ‘Windswept’. I warned her that it was in an exhibition in Brighton UK … Continued


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We have a lovely still life set up each week at Dupont Art Club where I belong. I normally get on with whatever current project I have going but this still life was so colourful and fresh that I had … Continued

Plein Air Painting the Hard Way

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Last week I took part in London’s Pintar Rapido plein air painting weekend. This started with all artists showing up at the Chelsea old town hall Saturday to register and then wander around London to find the perfect spot to … Continued

Royal Reflections

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This acrylic painting was painted plein air at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and Hove. There is a small pond in front of the pavilion which reflects the structure. The sea gull watched as I painted hoping to get something … Continued

Royal Reflections with a Glass of Wine.

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The Royal Pavilion is an exotic palace in the centre of Brighton.. It is the former sea side summer palace for King George IV and has a colourful history. This historic palace mixes Regency grandeur with the visual style of … Continued

Refreshing an Old Picture

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Last week I sold a medium sized textile art piece,’ Silhouette’, at Patcham Arts, Artist Open House in Brighton. Having brought it back from Canada for this show, I was very pleased with the sale but it did leave a … Continued

Scottish Diaspora Tapestry

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Yesterday I had the privilege to act as a monitor in London’s  historic Westminster Hall to help the public with the viewing of this amazing piece of Scottish history. It was a chance to see this beautiful group of 305 … Continued


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A mother deer and her fawn are hidden in this undergrowth. I love the lost and found edges with these animals. Hidden 20 by 24 inches. oil on board £480 Status; available location; in artists studio in UK 

The Personal Touch

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Yesterday I visited our local fabric store in Whiterock to celebrate the 30+ years of business that Laura’s Fashion Fabrics has been in business. This little treasure sells not only lovely fabrics but unusual items such as expensive, unusual buttons, … Continued

Ancient Spirits

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In the forests of the Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of British Columbia in Canada Iay the ancient lands of the Haida First Nation. The history of their beliefs in the spirit world are standing proud at forests edge. … Continued

Fields of Gold

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I love the fields of canola (rape seed) in the spring. The vibrancy of the yellow is magic around the country. 20″ by 30″ oil on board £600.00 Status; available location; Artists studio UK  

Naughty Knickers, Revolution in a Snow Storm

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There are a variety of exciting exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  I booked to see two that are on presently with my friend Donna Jones ( www.donnajonesdesigns.co.uk ) who traveled in from Wales to see the exhibition. What … Continued

Oxford Street Studio Artists Christmas Open House

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On November 25th we celebrated the opening of the three week Artist Open House at Oxford Street Studio. The studio which is not large was packed with well wishers and customers. The open house weekends continue  for the next two … Continued

Into the Forrest

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This is a large painted  textile pieces using acrylic on fine watercolor paper which is heavily scrunched, bonded to canvas and heavily stitched and layered with textiles. I love the feeling of walking into a forest that it gives. 36″ … Continued

The Audain Art Museum

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Whistlers Mountains’ new jewel, THE AUDAIN ART MUSEUM Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Whistler Mountain Resort north of Vancouver BC and the newest jewel in their crown, the AUDAIN Art Museum. Michael Audain donated $37 million to build … Continued

Artistic Hornby Island

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting my sister at her summer place on Hornby Island which is an isolated small island off the coast of Vancouver Island, BC. You have to take three ferries to get there from Vancouver so … Continued


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No matter what road you take in life, knowledge of your area is needed to ensure your success. This can be taken through formal education, a shorter course or working with an experienced teacher or coworker. Earlier in my textile … Continued

Cutting Edge Mixed Media Art Group Exhibition

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On September 1st the Cutting Edge Mixed Media Art Group opened the Out of the Box show with their exhibition In Whiterock, BC. I am a long time member of this group.The exhibition lasts until September 30th. My piece called … Continued

Royal Reflections with Seagull

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While walking the grounds of the Brighton Royal Pavilion in search of the reflective pond I knew was there I found this curious seagull gazing into the pond. I think he was thinking fish lived there. I took advantage of … Continued

Into The Woods

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This acrylic painting  had eli-glow added to clear resin and was then painted over with this mixture. The result is a lovely soft glow of the lighter portions When it  is in the dark. 10″ by 14″ Acrylic on panel, … Continued

Use of Resin in Art

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RESIN DEMONSTRATION Recently I attended a demonstration on the artistic use of resins demonstrated by Aram Friedrich and Rob Jenkins of Eli-Chem Resins U.K. Aram explained that 95 percent of their business was industrial and 5 percent was for artistic … Continued

Poppies at Lake Louise

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Lake Louise located in Banff National Park, Canada, is famous for it’s beautiful poppies that grow in front of the amazing Chateau Lake Louise. Both boarder the sparkling lake which is surrounded by huge snow clad mountains. I tried to show their … Continued

Ancient Stones

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I love the mystery of Stonehenge, As a teenager in Canada I used to dream of joining the throngs of early rises who are there on the solstice just to feel the magic of the moment. I tried to capture … Continued

To Pastures New -after James Guthrie

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Now who wouldn’t love the sight of that little girl herding her geese along. I had to work for many hours to try and make the shadows work on the geese as well as the girls clothing but as satisfied … Continued

A Hunt for the Just Right Light

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There is a small pond in front of Brighton’s beautiful Royal Pavilion. I have been trying to obtain just the right light for a photo reflecting this impressive structure. I have painted a similar picture in the past but wanted … Continued


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Wandering the south downs at sunset gives one the opportunity to view amazing sunsets such as this one. 16″ by 20″ Oil on board £320.00 Status; Avalable Location; Artists studio UK    

Royal Ascot, A touch of Class

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting and spending the day at Royal Ascot with two girlfriends. As we were in the Queen Anne enclosure, hat and formal dress were mandatory. Now my artist eye was in overdrive with all … Continued

South Downs V

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For Sale – Inquire Framed 10 by 12 in. Encaustic on Board Style: Contemporary Realism Subject: Landscape Year Created: 2016 Description: This is an encaustic painting depicting the rolling hills and pastures of the south downs in south east Engalnd.

Seven Sisters Looking South

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For Sale – Inquire Framed 13 by 17 by 1 in. Encaustic on Board Style: Impressionist Subject: Landscape Year Created: 2016 Description: This painting is painted with encaustic wax and pigments on board. The odd title is referring to the … Continued

South Downs II

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This is one of a series of 3 capturing the changing weather and colors in the south downs UK as the rivers travel to the ocean. 11 by 15 in. framed Acrylic on Fine Art Paper £220.00 status; Available location; Artists … Continued

The Miracle of Seeing Colours

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Most of us take our ability to see the colours of the rainbow for granted. We need to treasure this ability. Recently I was chatting to my nephew Kaleb who commiserated about his inability to enter various vocations due to … Continued

Nothing like a little Alligator and Jazz inspiration

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Recently I returned from a 5 day trip to New Orleans with my three sisters. We timed it to correspond with their music festival and boy does that lovely city shake with music. There were at least 12 large stages … Continued

My South Downs Art Series

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Working in a series can help one to develop and expand an artistic subject. One can take differing views, colour combinations, times of the day for Landscapes, included objects, animals or people, etc. I am working on  series on the … Continued

Mother Goddess Costumes from Vietnam… Guest Blogger: Penny Peters

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What stunning work! Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts Vietnamese Embroidered Costumes  for the Worship of the Mother Goddess Worship of the Mother Goddess is a purely Vietnamese folk belief.  It has a long history and has adapted to social changes … Continued

Bucket List Half Checked

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  We all have goals in life and one of my artistic ones was to have one of my paintings accepted into the summer show of the Royal Academy of arts in Britain.   Well when I arrived in Canada … Continued

South Downs and the River Ouse

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The rivers flowing to the sea though the chalk down in the uk are a wonder to enjoy. 12 by 16 by 2 in. framed Acrylic on Fine Art Paper £220.00 Status; avalable Location; Artists studio Canada    

Royalty all dressed up

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I had the pleasure of visiting Kensington Palace yesterday and viewing the show on dresses of the Queen, Princes Margaret and Princess Diana. The drawings of these gowns were also displayed  by their designers. One doesn’t realise what artists the … Continued

A shimmering dream of deliquescent colour and light’ (The Times)

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What a wonderful tour we had at London’s Royal Academy of Arts newest show, ‘The Modern Garden, Monet to Manet’ on January 27th. I enjoyed sharing this with friend Carolyn Marsland who is an art instructor so what better person … Continued

Arts and Crafts Pieces

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Welcome into 2016. I am a little late to raise a glass with you as  I have been working like a beaver to get these two pieces finished for an upcoming spring exhibition with the South East England Embroiders Guild. … Continued

Daffodils in December!

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Dancing daffodils in December! I love daffodils and enjoy painting them. But daffodils poking their heads up in December? The weather in England has been unseasonably warm. The temperatures have been  around 16° which is unheard-of. These climate changes are … Continued

Ai Weiwei’s Explosive Exhibition

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Wow is all I can say after spending the day on Dec 11,2015 viewing the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London England. I had heard that it was very good but this did not prepare … Continued

Alice goes to Canada

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Alice in wonderful Canada land is happening. This will be the most well traveled textile piece I have produced. After her successful tour with the embroiders guild in England,  she became available and was immediately sold. Thank you Nairn. I … Continued

Christmas Location

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In the past month I have been working furiously with painting numerous encaustic paintings for a new Christmas Artists Open House at the Oxford Street Studio. The studio has never been involved in a Christmas open house before so we … Continued

Mountains and Meadows

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Back in the UK, I enjoy thoughts of the mountains of  my British Columbia home. This little piece of encaustic art was a playful way of remembering. It was created with the oil/wax sticks of encaustic and applied with an … Continued

Yorkshire Dales

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I have just completed the commission for my dear neighbour, Judi who loves textile art. It is rare to find people who appreciate the extensive time needed to complete art on fabric and wish for it to hang on their … Continued

Almost There

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It has been some time since I wrote about this commission. A family wedding and travel in Canada has kept us busy. I was given a colourful whimsical card by Judi. my neighbour as a inspiration not to be copied. … Continued

New Commission

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I have a commission to make one of my stitched paintings. My neighbor in Canada loves the Yorkshire dales and their dry stone walls in the UK. She has asked me toi do a piece for her with this subject. Fortunately … Continued

Plein air painting in Norfolk, UK

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What a treat to be on a one week oil painting course with my favorite instructor,  Martin Kinnear and a jolly group of nine other artists. Martin and his assistants have us roaming the hills and beaches of this beautiful … Continued

An Artistic Summerschool

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“NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A GROUP – A COLLECTIVE ETHOS PUSHES IDEAS FORWARD” – S.C. Ceramicist This was the quote that welcomed us to the four day summer school with the Textile Study Group. Our instructor was Mary Sleigh … Continued

The Fizz of the Champagne District in France

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Recently we had the pleasure of visiting the Champahne District in France. Now I know that Champagne is a title restricted to just those vinyards in the Champange District but had no idea on the depth of history surrounding it. … Continued

The Art of Chagall in Hidden Places

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In our recent holiday to France, we were taken by our friends Eve and Dave to Reims to see their magnificent 12th century  Notre-Dame Cathedral. It has a wonderful panel of stained glass windows by the 20th century impressionist painter, … Continued

Visit to Monets Gardens in Giverny

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We have just returned from a wonderful trip to France. I have had a visit to Monet’s garden on my bucket list for years and it sure didn’t disappoint. Wow is all I can say. I can see why he … Continued

Stitchfest in Ardingly

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The embroiders guild held their exhibition  involving the guilds in the SE England yesterday. Along with many sales booths to tempt, there was the judging of the Alice in Wonderland competition held between the clubs. Our Brighton Club was awarded … Continued

Finding Your Own Voice

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Kathy Anne Whites column of june 2015 had an excellent quote from the blog on ArtsyShark by Caroline Edlund. It concerned the topic many artists struggle  with in finding their own voice. I found this enlightening and aspirational. I hope … Continued

The Art of Self Critique

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Recently i had the pleasure of reading an article about self critiquing ones art by Susan Purney Marks. She included several articles which i found very helpful and will repeat below. We often wish for feedback on a piece of … Continued

Seed Pods

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For Sale – Inquire Framed 12 by 16 by 1 in. Mixed Media on Canvas Style: Contemporary Subject: Floral Year Created: 2015 Description: This mixed media piece is made with acrylic and mediums, painted on crushed watercolor paper, bonded to canvas and … Continued

Yorkshire Dales

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In Private Collection Framed 28 by 38 by 2 in. Mixed Media on Fine Art Paper Style: Contemporary Realism Subject: Female Year Created: 2015 Description: This piece of mixed media collage was a commission to do a view of the Yorkshire dales and … Continued


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Sold 30 by 40 in. Mixed Media on Canvas Style: Caricature Subject: Childrens Story Year Created: 2015 Description: This large piece was painted on watercolor paper, crunched and then bonded onto textile and heavily machine and hand stitched. Artist’s Comments: This … Continued

Coquelicots (after Monet)

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In Private Collection Framed 17 by 23 in. Mixed Media on Canvas Style: Impressionist Subject: Landscape Year Created: 2015 Description: This piece was painted on fine watercolor paper, crunched into pulp. bonded to textile and heavily stitched by machine and hand. … Continued

Rock Pool

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Sold Framed 10 by 12 by 1 in. Encaustic on Board Style: Abstract Subject: Aquatic Year Created: 2015 Description: Encaustic (hot wax, pigment, and oil) on board Artist’s Comments: This abstract piece reminded me of the many tidal pools I have seen. … Continued

Windmills of my Mind

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Sold Framed 10 by 24 by 1 in. Encaustic on Fine Art Paper Style: Abstract Subject: Abstract Year Created: 2015 Description: Encaustic (hot wax, pigment and oil) on heavy hand made paper with rusted wire sandwiched in the middle with … Continued

After Snowfall

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For Sale – Inquire Unframed 4 by 6 in. Encaustic on Card Style: Canadian Subject: Nature Year Created: 2015 Description: This little piece of encaustic art is going to be sent as a Christmas card to friends. . It is made … Continued

South Downs Autumn

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In Private Collection Framed 10 by 8 by 1 in. Encaustic on Wood Style: Impressionist Subject: Landscape Year Created: 2015 Description: This is a piece of encaustic art which has multiple layers of encaustic wax, inks and burned over with … Continued

Edge of the Forest Exhibition coming to BC!

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I am delighted to announce that the traveling Canadian Textile Art show with the Surface Design Association is coming to Alberta and BC next year. At present it is traveling in Ontario and then to Newfoundland in the fall.  Many … Continued

Brighton Festival Artists Open Houses

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Yesterday was the opening of the Ascention Arts and Patcham Artists open houses where I have work on display. The private views were on Friday night which meant dashing from one to the other to attend both which was just … Continued