Tea with the Mayor

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On August 22nd fellow artist, Jane Jukes and I attended Brighton City Hall to present the Mayor with paintings which were for the Brighton and Hove  fund raiser. Mr. Mayor had invited us to come for tea in appreciation for the pieces of art which we had donated. As I had admired the magnificent old building he took us up to see the ancient council chambers. I wish that I had taken a pictures of the old leather carved chairs, each with it’s own small desk in front complete with a brass covered ink well! It was a delightful visit. I hope that my ‘Cave Pony” painting, shown here,  brings in a few pounds towards their fund raising goal.


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  1. Steve Hodder

    Judy, love the Cave Pony – reminiscent of the Lascaux cave paintings – your inspiration?

  2. Anne Funnell

    What a great Cave Pony Judy, well done! The colours are lovely and can imagine you crushing the berries and the herbs to get those beautiful colours.

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