New Years Challenge

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A belated welcome to 2017. So much has happened in 2016 with my art as well as the upside down things in the world of politics. I shall steer clear of the politics but need to say a thank you for your support and encouragement with my art. I was able to add two Galleries in Canada and have had some success with the galleries and exhibitions here in the UK.

Over the Christmas holiday I tackled the daunting cleaning up and reorganising of my art studio. Things were a bit hectic before Christmas so the studio’s organisation suffered. Many things were thrown or given away. I continue to juggle the three areas of art that I pursue. I love doing textiles, encaustic and oil painting and incorporate them together at times. The supplies for each can be a challenge for storage, especially in my small studio. I also have a common problem that most artists wrestle with and that is the art which is produced and where to store it. My patient husband built me a second area for storage which is a small suspension platform hanging from the rafters which is rapidly getting full.

Now that the studio is better organised, I decided to start the year with trying to do 5 paintings a week. As two of them are going to be textiles, they are not complete but two of the oil paintings are with a third almost there. Time on the brush or sewing machine is so important so I will continue with this for the next couple of weeks. A surprise trip to Europe to do with art has just been planned and will interfere with the weekly challenge. I will update you on this trip later. In the meantime, here are two of the oil paintings that have been completed so far. I hope that you enjoy them.img_4814-2 img_4818


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  1. Faye Lippitt

    Well done Judy! I’m agog that you can produce 5 paintings a week! Good for Chris, building you storage for the finished work – you must be totally surrounded now in your studio – just the floor to paint and you will be boxed in with colour.

  2. Anonymous

    Humm I never thought of painting the floor Faye. I could do a Judy Jackson !!?

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