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As part of the  Adur Art Collective Artists Open House in Shorham by Sea, I have one painting in the ancient church, St. Mary de Haura. Their theme for their exhibition is ‘journey’.

My entry was as follows:

 All living things are hardwired into continuing their species. The journey to do this it takes many forms.

The humble dandelion enjoys a full blossom in spring which turns into  a bundle of seed heads which float on the breeze traveling to a new destinations where they can take root and grow into the adult dandelion that we know.

This picture is of the seed head and the journey that the tiny seeds take on the wind in order to take root and  make a new home.

It is acrylic on canvas and is 16 by 20 inches.  It is for sale in the UK at £220.00 plus delivery charges. It can be brought back to BC with me for a reduced cost for delivery.


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