First Snow commission

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My friend Sam commissioned me to paint First Snow. It was inspired by the original painting which I painted in portrait format. She asked for a close up of the centre of the original piece in landscape format. This required a bit of stretching of the landscape and trees but I finally got there.

It was painted with oil and like many oil painters, I faced the difficulty of having a commission which needed to be presented before it could be given a final varnish after a 6 months of drying. I was able to find a temporary varnish which did the trick of integrating the various weights of oil paint and mediums on the surface. I will be giving the painting a final varnish in November. I will use a satin varnish as I dislike the shininess of the glossy and the muting which occurs with the mat varnish. The photos are of our hanging of the piece.

A fellow oil painter @DionSalvidorlloyd  which I admire told me that he does not varnish but mixed his oils with various mediums which leaves an integrated surface. Thank-you Dion for sharing your expertise. This will be worthwhile investigating in the future.

A fellow oil paint artist,

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