The Miracle of Seeing Colours

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Most of us take our ability to see the colours of the rainbow for granted. We need to treasure this ability. Recently I was chatting to my nephew Kaleb who commiserated about his inability to enter various vocations due to … Continued

My South Downs Art Series

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Working in a series can help one to develop and expand an artistic subject. One can take differing views, colour combinations, times of the day for Landscapes, included objects, animals or people, etc. I am working on  series on the … Continued

Bucket List Half Checked

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  We all have goals in life and one of my artistic ones was to have one of my paintings accepted into the summer show of the Royal Academy of arts in Britain.   Well when I arrived in Canada … Continued

Royalty all dressed up

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I had the pleasure of visiting Kensington Palace yesterday and viewing the show on dresses of the Queen, Princes Margaret and Princess Diana. The drawings of these gowns were also displayed  by their designers. One doesn’t realise what artists the … Continued

Arts and Crafts Pieces

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Welcome into 2016. I am a little late to raise a glass with you as  I have been working like a beaver to get these two pieces finished for an upcoming spring exhibition with the South East England Embroiders Guild. … Continued

Daffodils in December!

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Dancing daffodils in December! I love daffodils and enjoy painting them. But daffodils poking their heads up in December? The weather in England has been unseasonably warm. The temperatures have been  around 16° which is unheard-of. These climate changes are … Continued

Ai Weiwei’s Explosive Exhibition

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Wow is all I can say after spending the day on Dec 11,2015 viewing the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London England. I had heard that it was very good but this did not prepare … Continued