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Tall trees silhouetted against a sunrise. This mixed media piece was made using acrylic paints, watercolour papers, textiles and threads using both hand and machine.

Royal Reflections with Seagull

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While walking the grounds of the Brighton Royal Pavilion in search of the reflective pond I knew was there I found this curious seagull gazing into the pond. I think he was thinking fish lived there. I took advantage of … Continued

Into The Woods

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This acrylic painting was used in my recent resin demonstration. It had eli-glow added to clear resin and was then painted over with this mixture. The result is a lovely soft glow of the lighter portions in the dark.

Poppies at Lake Louise

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Lake Louise located in Banff National Park, Canada, is famous for it’s beautiful poppies that grow in front of the amazing Chateau Lake Louise. Both boarder the sparkling lake which is surrounded by huge snow clad mountains. I tried to show their … Continued

Into The Wind

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    Summer in Brighton brings out the wind surfers. This one was heading towards our west pier when my husband photographed him. I have used the image as inspiration for this digital piece.

Ancient Stones

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I love the mystery of Stonehenge, As a teenager in Canada I used to dream of joining the throngs of early rises who are there on the solstice just to feel the magic of the moment. I tried to capture … Continued

After Monets Poplars on the Epte’

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I love this picture by Monet and have painted it several times in oil. I decided to try painting it with my digital brushes app. One comes to appreciate the countless marks of colour Monet has painted to meld the … Continued

Cayman Delight

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On a holiday trip to these beautiful islands, I had to do a wee sketch showing the lazy sunny lifestyle that my sister enjoys living there. I must admit that once getting into that hammock, I had difficulty in negotiating … Continued