Beyond Quilting with the Romsey Quilters.

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Yesterday, July 10th my husband packed up the car with many of my art pieces and off we drove to Romsey, a delightful English town in a couple of hours from Brighton. There I gave a talk to about one hundred ladies who were all quilters. Now having been a quilter years ago, I had an idea of all the skills and patience which they have to produce the work they produce. Unfortunately, my patience did not hold that long and I veered sharply into art quilts and then got everything all mixed up with my return to painting where I blend in stitch. The very kind members seemed to understand drawback of my lack of patience and seemed to enjoy my wanderings into stitched spirals, burned tyvec and stitched paintings. The one hour talk seemed to whiz by. They told me how inspiring the talk was and asked if I did workshops. I do have a talk and workshop booked with the Brighton Embroiders Guild next year which I told them about. All in all, I had a great time speaking to such a lovely, appreciative audience. My sincere thanks to Christopher, my ever patient husband for all the assistance with driving me there and helping me with all the technical iPad stuff.  Judy

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