Welcome to my website, I am an artist living in Brighton, UK and White Rock, BC Canada. Yes, the travel distance is a bit eye watering and jet lag is just something we deal with. My husband is English and I am Canadian, thus the two homes.

My art includes painting in mainly oils, acrylics and  encaustic painting (which involves wax, oil and pigments with lots of heat,) and finally textiles which are created as pieces of art. I am fortunate enough to have shown in  galleries in the UK , Canada and the USA  as well as teaching my textile and encaustic techniques in the UK and Canada. Keep posted for my upcoming shows as I would love to see you there.

My blog contains many of the inspirational places I have visited. As an artist, one soaks up these images and they often appear in art pieces in the future.  I like to share some of my new art pieces with you and enjoy your comments. All art is for sale unless otherwise noted. Please email me for further sales information.

“Don’t wait for inspiration. it comes while one is working”. – Henti Matisse