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I have painted with digital art for many years as a tool for exploration of scenes and subjects that I might wish to explore in the future. I also use it to see if a painting needs to be modified.

Recently I retrieved a painting from a gallery which was unfortunately closing down. Once back in my studio, I had a good look at it and decided that the perspective was not as I wished it to be. I downloaded it into my digital app, Procreate, and started to add paint and colour to areas in order to correct the perspective. I am now happy with the extension of the golden  wheat field and hay bails over the lower half of the painting. It is a mixed media piece with torn painted  pieces of paper added so I may use this technique to change it as well. I will now go back to the canvas and add the corrective painting to it. Once finished, I’ll add it to the website. Thanks to the digital tool, I can do this on my iPad and not be messing up the painting trying to fix the problem.


  1. Rhea Scheinwald Markenson

    AWESOME! 👍👌😀❤️

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