English Robins

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Round Robin i love the feisty little English robins which are so different to the North American ones. I have painted three of them which are all approximately 10 inches by 12 inches... READ MORE

Giverny Revived

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My painting of Monets waterlilies which I completed last year was given a repaint as I found that the former piece didn’t seem to have a place where the eye could settle. I... READ MORE

Summer Meadows

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This long narrow canvas (12 by 36 inches) is the first of a large series I plan to do incorporating several canvases side by side. This one is on a single canvas. I love... READ MORE

South Downs

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This large 34 by 24 inch mixed media painting is showing the many shadows and sunny areas which appear over the English hills . Collage is used liberally throughout the piece. I enjoyed... READ MORE

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